Created with love in Connecticut.

This started out as a simple project. I wanted to display the latest photos from my instagram feed on my blog using a simple JavaScript embed. I found a nice solution in the jquery-instagram library. The problem was that it required OAuth credentials to be embedded into the JavaScript call on the page. That seemed risky.

I also found Statigram which has a ton of features. Serious Instagram'ers should really take a look at it.

I also considered some WordPress plugins. The first was the Instagram for Wordpress plugin. Another choice is Instagrate for Wordpress. Both look decent and may be what you want.

For me, though, I wanted 3 things:

  • A single JavaScript tag or JQuery plugin
  • Secure handling of the OAuth tokens from Instagram
  • Support for the real-time API from Instagram

So, I decided to make this because I wanted something stripped down and that's a self-contained, simple solution. Plus, it was a fun 24 96 hour hack. (parenting sometimes gets in the way of the 24 hour hackathon ;-)